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All About the Ingredients

Goat Milk Soap made with quality goat milk and oils. 

Ingredients include:


Olive oil- Rich in vitamins A, D, E and K.  It is also filled with antioxidants which helps to lock in moisture on your skin.  Olive oil also helps fade scars and stretch marks, unclog pores and reduces inflammation.

Coconut oil- Provides potential benefits for the skin by reducing inflammation and helping to heal wounds, by keeping your skin moisturized.  Coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids that help treat acne because of its antimicrobial properties.

Cocoa Butter- A wonderful source of vitamin E that will benefit your body in many ways.   Helps the health of your blood, brain and skin.  The high amount of fatty acids contained in Cocoa butter, makes it the primary ingredient in most skin creams.

Almond oil- Not only will it benefit your skin but will soften and strengthen your hair.  It contains vitamin B7, which is also known as biotin, that can help to strengthen your hair and nails.  

Caster oil- Containing antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body.  It's anti bacterial properties help to fight Acne and dry lips.  


Macadamia nut oil- An excellent source of vitamin E, because it is rich in mono unsaturated fats.  These fatty acids nourish your skin by locking in moisture to combat dry skin.  This oil will allow your skin to maintain its natural glow by mimicking your skins natural oil.

Coffee and coffee grounds- Coffee has great attributes for skin.  Vitamin B-3, after-sun care, acne reduction, anti-aging benefits, dark circles, cellulite reduction, and calming effects.

Tussuh Silk- Earth's natural silk proteins form a barrier that softens skin and can improve moisture retention.  Tussah silk has antibacterial properties and protective qualities.

Oatmeal- Wonderful for skin. Oatmeal can help relieve skin irritation and itching, acts as an exfoliate​​, acne treatment, wrinkles, and moisturizes skin.


Lindsay's family businesses

COVID-19 has changed a lot in of our lives.  Like most Americans, I lost my job.  After receiving a call from a family member that owns the First City Cheese Market in Leavenworth, KS, my life changed for the better. She had been selling goat milk soap at her shop and the soap was an instant success!  The manufacturer closed and they asked me to fill this position.  For six months I tried different recipes and learned all about goats milk soap.  The chosen ingredients are all amazing for your skin. These ingredients made my family and friends wanting more. I am looking forward to giving my customers the same experience!

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